Camp Nibi Healing Circle

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Sunday, July 7 2013
former Springwater Prov Pk
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Ivan on Jul 05, 2013

Healing Circle
Camp Nibi is holding a Healing Circle at Springwater Provincial Park on Sunday July 7 at 7 pm. For details see A message from Beth Brass Elson.

What's happening at Camp Nibi
We received this notice from Les Stewart of the Springwater Park Citizens Coalition:
It's been 3 months since Springwater Park had the gates locked and the flags removed. The last of the animals will be moving out this week, the washrooms are still closed and the least able (very young, old and handicapped) still have to toddle or roll down (and then up) a steep 3/4 km one way trek to enjoy this "non-operational" park.

That being said, the 15 km of forest trails are open, the playground equipment is here, the Vespra Boys cenotaph grass is being cut and the heritage buildings (while boarded up) have not been bull-dozed down. We now have two lodges (Teaching and Sweat), a 24/7 human security force with First Nation campers that are going nowhere until the Ontario government and Beausoleil First Nations can come to an agreement. 
How Can I Help?: I encourage you to follow Camp Nibi on Facebook and , come out and visit and say hi anytime, maybe drop a few coins in their donation jar, participate in every other Saturday potluck dinners (July 6) or Full Moon ceremonies or this special Healing Circle ceremony this Sunday (see Healing Circle for everyone: Springwater Park – Camp Nibi, this Sunday, 7 pm)
For those with a more "hands-on" mentality we have a small band of volunteers that are on a day-to-day basis looking out to keep everyone and everything safe and sound. If you have some time or can financially help us not let the physical plant fall deteriorate, just contact me directly.
Questions are more than welcomed.

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