Collingwood Community Food Co-op - ACTION needed!

Posted by Shelby / on 06/23/2012 / 0 Comments

For all of you who could not join us on Wednesday night, you can find a digital copy of the details of membership here.  The document also includes a Membership Form.

For the Co-op to be a reality, we need 100 additional members by JUNE 29TH.

Please share this information with your friends & family members.
This co-op will only happen if you as a community show that you want it.... that's what makes it a co-op!

FAQ: "What is a food co-op?"
A food co op is a member driven 'company' but our legal tern is co operative. In our case it is to acquire good food, both local and organic, food security. When people group together they can get more for their money. But a co op is more just buying and taste! People want a place that has their values and interests and are willing to participate in making it happen, which means volunteering and being part of what becomes a community. There is a board of directors who are voted in, and the members have control over what they want the co op to be like. Hope that answers your question. Join up. Until our studies were complete we didn't know if we could start. Now we know we have to try a little while longer to get the members up to the numbers to sustain it all. So we have to say that by June 29, or a few days later, that if the numbers aren't there.... well, it would be sad, not to be able to get the great food, and be part of the downtown community.

More information.


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