Open Hearts = Endless Possibilities

Posted by Theresa / on 02/24/2012 / 0 Comments

As we transition into a new world "What is it going to look like?" and "How are we going to get there?" are some burning questions these days.

What does your heart and ‘true' self desire?  In referring to ones ‘true' self, it is not the self that has been programmed all these years with fear, greed and independence.  It is the self that existed before we took on the energetic imprints (values, morals, priorities, etc.) of our parents and the greater populations around us.  

How do we get back in touch with this ‘true' self that holds the answers to these questions?  When we gift ourselves with personal time for reflection, meditation and self healing, we are able to delve deeper into our souls and remove limiting beliefs. Beautiful hearts with good intentions shine throughout our community, but what is holding us back from making monumental leaps?

Shifting the paradigm is no easy task, as what we know is comforting, or so we fool ourselves to believe.  Is sustainable in our eyes as priviledged North Americans truly sustainable in relation to the mass populations of the world?  Even those in our society who ‘live below the poverty line' have access to clean water, food, housing and some form of health care.  Is it time to surrender our ideals of our standard of living and explore simpler lives, smaller dwellings, less reliance on all forms of technology and an alternative health care model? Do we truly respect nature and put it on an equal playing field when we make our ‘sustainable' decisions?

As one embarks on an inward journey a new level of consciousness emerges.  Decisions based in fear of the unknown are replaced with actions from the heart, opening one to a world of endless possibilities!

If you are looking for tools of transformation, you may be interested in checking out some up-coming workshops at Cranberry Resort in Collingwood. Please visit for more information. 

Some services I am looking to exchange are:

Music lessons for 4 1/2 year old

Book-keeping / Accounting services

Workshops (alternative health, permaculture, natural building)

Local Food


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