Seed Ordering for Next Season!

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Tired of Planning Your Dream Garden?....

Excellent! Get growing!

Now that you've got your garden design drawn out and a plan in place, it's time to decide what you will grow from seed and what you will buy as seedlings.  If you have a south-facing, sunny windowsill or even better, some fluorescent lights, you can start your plants from seed.  Ordering seeds can be overwhelming and confusing with some catalogues offering you 50 different varieties of zucchini, when all you want is a simple zucchini.  Our first piece of advice is to select as many heirloom and organic seeds as you can.  These seeds are just what you would expect......seeds.  Seeds of Diversity ( is a great resource for finding varieties and suppliers of heirloom seeds.  Some of the local favourite  seed suppliers are:

Williamdam Seeds (Be sure to select their organic varieties)

Greta's Organics

The Cottage Gardener

Terra Edibles

If you've got a neighbour growing vegetables chances are they have similar growing conditions as you.  Check to see which vegetables and varieties they have had success with and ask if they have any extra seeds while you're there!  Although it can be exciting to order lots of seeds, try to restrain yourself and keep it simple, you'll be glad you did.  A solid strategy is to allow yourself the basics +1 each year, trying out one new and crazy variety of a vegetable like Kohlrabi each year.  That way you'll be sure to still have a reliable harvest with maybe a nice surprise.

Still need more help?

Join the Georgian Triangle Transitions Seedy Snow Day Seed workshop! Go to for more information.



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